Adhikr (Soul of the Book)

To teach that that “NOT QUR’AN BUT ADHIKR IS THE SPLENDID BOOK!” as mentioned in the 41: 41

ADHIKR (Soul of the BOOK) is the only BOOK revealed from the Paradise to the Earth from Messenger Noah to Messenger Muhammad.

ADHIKR is the Food, Cloth and the Sight of the human soul.

ADHIKR is the only BOOK which will be safeguarded eternally by the LORD of the worlds.

ADHIKR is the BALANCE and TRUST to keep the earth as well as universe in its equilibrium.

ADHIKR is the only TICKET to anyone who likes to return to the Paradise as well as the SAFEGUARD from all disasters in this world and from Hell fire in the Hereafter.

ADHIKR is the strongest weapon for ‘Jihad’ against terrorism, deformities and calamities as well as the only device to form a harmony of human unity.

ADHIKR is the SPLENDID BOOK revealed from the Three Time Knower in which no falsehood shall approach either before or after its codification.

The author of the SPLENDID BOOK ADHIKR is mentioned as the ‘Three Time Knower’ in the verse 25:59.


Whoever hide and reject the ADHIKR after receiving It, will be the fuel of Hell fire from the entire mankind. ADHIKR is formed in 3 volumes in a Non-Arabic language—Malayalam—as the answer for the demand of the disbelievers during Prophet’s period explained in the verse 41:44.

Since This is the KNOWLEDGE OF THREE TIMES which is revealed from the Lord of worlds— the Three Time Knower’; copy rights of this BOOK is not reserved. Therefore whoever likes to involve in the propagation of Lord’s Message may download the ADHIKR from the website, translate into other languages, print and propagate throughout the world.

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