StraightpathSoul of the Qur’an (Adhikr) is the only Book which is revealed periodically from the Paradise to the Earth through 313 Messengers to guide the mankind to the “Straightpath” which leads to the Creator. That means, soul of all Scripture is same, but the bodies are in different languages. All Scriptures were revealed as guidance for the entire mankind of that period and were for repeated reading. Hence all Scriptures are Qur’an. (The word “Qur’an” means the “Book for repeated reading”).

The message of Scriptures is its soul and the meaning is its life. The “Kalimath” which includes both the soul and life of Scripture, is from the three time Knower. Like that, the “Rooh” of all human which is the combined form of life and soul is alsofrom the three time Knower. And the body of human is an earthern ‘frame or a mould’ developed by the Supreme Creator by mixing the sperm of father and ovum of mother.

To form the harmony of human unity and peace in this world, it is necessary to realise these facts from the Splendid Book in which no falsehood shall approach either before or after Its codification.

Straight Path Qur’an Education is a venture to propagate the true message of Lord (ADHIKR – SOUL OF THE QUR’AN) to the entire mankind irrespective of religion, caste, sex or nation.

Islam and Qur’an are intended for the entire humanity; and are not founded by Prophet Muhammad. As the Qur’an says, “It is the nature made by Allah in which HE has made man”. And that is the only way satisfied by the CREATOR for HIS creatures. Unfortunately, the way of life (Dheen) of Muslims is totally deviated from the Soul of Qur’an and today ‘what we hear and see’ is a totally distorted Islam.



Vision & Mission

To teach all people what, what for and why Qur’an in their own hearts language? Thus to help man to identify himself, the Creator and to become his vicegerent and fulfill the aim of his life and also to identify the evil Satan and not to become the disbeliever.

To know the difference between the soul and body of man. To identify the difference between sleep and death.

To identify that no man has the choice or power to select his Nation, ration, parents, religion, sex, age or era to take birth or death etc.

To understand him that only believer can enter the paradise. To become a believer there is no need to change the name, religion, cast or adornments, but must change the way of life as instructed by the Creator through Scripture, i.e. Qur’an.

To stop bloodshed and to establish human brotherhood and communal harmony in whole world and to keep earth in its equilibrium.

To identify that just like we human beings differ only externally and soul being the same, the soul of the divine scriptures are the one and the same – “Adhikr” means the essence of Qur’an understood by one in one’s own language of heart. That is the food and cloth for the human soul. The verse 54:17 says: “We have indeed made the Qur’an very easy to understand with heart, but is there any who would take admonition?”

To learn that the ‘Jihad’, as misunderstood by most is not holy war, but is strenuous striving in the cause of the Creator, the Lord. Today Jihad is only with the holy Qur’an which is the mightiest weapon for universal peace. The verse 25:52 says “Therefore don’t obey the disbelievers – who hide the Qur’an, and make Jihad against them with the Qur’an.